March 6, 2024

Meet Joey Russo, a determined and passionate Computer Information Systems (CIS) student. Like most recent high school grads, Joey needed help figuring out what to do next, but he loved solving problems and helping people. He took a break after high school and worked full-time for two years. During this period of self-discovery, Joey unearthed his calling: IT.

Opting for 十大电子游艺 was a decision fueled by logic; its affordability, flexibility, and proximity to his home were irresistible factors. Little did he know that 十大电子游艺 would not just be an educational institution, but a sanctuary where he’d find his guiding lights – three faculty members who would become his pillars of inspiration and support.

Balancing the demands of full-time college, pursuing specialized IT certifications, a bustling job, and volunteer commitments might seem daunting to many. Yet, Joey takes it all in stride, attributing his ability to excel to the convenience of online courses. But let’s be honest, Joey’s exceptionalism extends far beyond mere convenience – he’s a juggernaut of dedication with an impressively full plate, financially sustaining himself every step of the way.

Joey’s journey is punctuated by accolades, including four prestigious scholarships like the NASA Space Grant. Amidst his triumphs, Joey’s most treasured wealth lies in his “people” at 十大电子游艺 – faculty members Cat Fuster, Karen Boutwell, and Omeed Ghafari, whose brilliance and unwavering support have illuminated his path. “I love these people. They will work with you to achieve your goals, and they are all brilliant”, said Joey of these three professors.

Joey understands the importance of data in today’s world, harboring a genuine desire to safeguard it. His ultimate ambition? To create his cybersecurity empire, a beacon of protection in an increasingly digitized landscape.

His thirst for knowledge extends far beyond 十大电子游艺’s classes, as he continuously earns certifications like “Certified Ethical Hacking” and delves into OCI: Oracle Cloud Infrastructure. Even in his free time, he’s a tech enthusiast, reveling in the world of tech. gadgets. One favorite is the Raspberry Pi, a tiny computer with endless programming possibilities, given to him by his girlfriend.

Joey finds solace and rejuvenation in his downtime. A genuine sports enthusiast, he’s equally at home on the basketball court as on the ice rink. Yet, his commitment to volunteering as a beacon of support for those grappling with life’s trials and tribulations truly defines him. Joey’s philosophy is simple yet profound: your past doesn’t define you but serves as a lesson for growth and enlightenment. In his eyes, life is an unending journey of figuring out how to help others, learning, and self-improvement.