Do you know?

  • You must apply for financial aid EACH academic year;
  • You must be matriculated (formally accepted) into a financial aid eligible program to be considered for financial aid;
  • The preferred deadline for applying for financial aid is May 1st;
  • Many scholarships and grants are not awarded because students fail to apply for them;
  • ALL matriculated students are eligible for some type of federal aid – grants or loans;

Frequently Asked Questions

Refer to “Financial Aid” page.

No. Once you have applied to Admissions for the current aid year you should submit the Free Application for Federal Student Aid (FAFSA) at website. If requested by the FA Office you may download and complete the Verification Worksheet (PDF or Printed Copy) with all supporting documents.

This is the Federal government’s basic grant program. Eligibility is determined from the information the student provides on the FAFSA.

You are an independent student when you reach the age of 24, have become a Veteran of the US Armed Forces, are married, have a child that you support, or were a ward of the court.

The Federal Government mandates that funds for first-time borrowers be held for 30 days. 

Your individual loan disbursement schedule is listed on the Disclosure Statement you receive from your lender.

We do not know what your refund will be. You can subtract your financial aid from your bill to estimate your refund if you are eligible for a refund. Or you may track your account activity and transactions via the Student Information System link which is located on the left side in the navigation bar on the Financial Aid web pages.

Any and all refunds will be mailed directly to the student’s address of record or directly deposited. You may track your account activity and transactions via the Student Information System link.

Direct loan repayment begins 6 months after you withdraw or graduate from the College, or drop below 6 credits.

Important Policies and Disclaimers

  • Financial Aid refunds will be disbursed to your 十大电子游艺 student account beginning about 30 days after your enrollment starts.
  • We print the earliest dates in the Registration Policies and Deadline form.
  • Disbursements for late start terms are delayed until after the add/drop period has closed. This means that certain financial aid funds may not be disbursed to you until well after the midpoint of the semester.