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新生迎新会是新生和他们的家人了解十大电子游艺的一个很好的机会, our programs and meet our community. 参与者将了解十大电子游艺提供的学生支持资源,并有时间与他们的十大电子游艺顾问和同学见面. Please note that you only need to attend one Orientation date.

Upcoming New Student Orientation dates:

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Your student account information and 十大电子游艺 technology

在你被十大电子游艺录取后不久,你收到了一封带有学生用户名和如何设置密码的电子邮件. 设置您的密码,您将使用您的学生用户名和密码访问十大电子游艺的所有数字平台. Missed the email? 拨打(603)366-5210,十大电子游艺会给你你的学生用户名. 

Set up your password

十大电子游艺 IT Help Desk and technology portal

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Connect to Your Resources Canvas Course

十大电子游艺创建了一个画布课程,旨在成为您在十大电子游艺查找和访问资源的首选空间. Everything from business forms, accessing Navigate and other digital platforms, and student support resources are covered in this course. Log in to Canvas to connect with your resources

每个在十大电子游艺攻读学位的学生在他们的学习计划中被分配一名学术顾问. 十大电子游艺鼓励学生与他们的学术顾问密切合作,计划课程,并在十大电子游艺期间获得支持和指导. 新录取的学生将收到一封来自十大电子游艺网站服务团队的电子邮件,其中包含您的指导老师的姓名.

Schedule an appointment with your advisor in Navigate

所有学生都有一个十大电子游艺的电子邮件帐户,十大电子游艺希望你定期检查-这是你的导师如何, teachers, and others (like financial aid) will communicate with you.  Your email address will be your EasyLoginUsername@students.ccsnh.edu.  You can access your email by clicking ‘Student Email’ on MY十大电子游艺 您的登录信息将是您的EasyLogin用户名和密码.

Math is required for each of our associate degree programs. To ensure that you are placed in the correct math class, we ask students to take a math placement exam. 如果你有高中或大学成绩单或最近的SAT考试成绩等文件, 请务必将它们发送给十大电子游艺进行审查,并可能豁免分班考试要求. Students should submit documents to the Admissions Office. 高中成绩单和分科成绩不需要作为正式文件. 

If placement cannot be determined using these methods, 数学分班考试每周一至周四上午11:00至下午4:00,周五上午9:00至下午2:00在班尼特图书馆进行. 分班考试是免费提供给学生的,可能需要两个小时才能完成. Appointments should be made in Navigate.

Questions? Contact Paula Kochien at [email protected].

十大电子游艺的学生可以在网上订购教科书和课程材料,也可以到NHTI书店亲自购买. Online orders will include free shipping. 大多数书籍和资料可以在学期内购买或租用.

十大电子游艺书店网站有一个很棒的“按学生号购物”功能,你可以在书店网站上输入你的学生号来查看和购买你的书籍和课程用品. Visit the 十大电子游艺 Bookstore website for more information.

  • 在注册课程之前,你应该向你的学术顾问咨询你的时间表. 
  • 一旦你和你的学术顾问见过面,你就可以使用 Navigate 从您的计算机(目前无法在移动应用程序上注册).
  • Log into Navigate using your student username and password.
  • Click on Planner  on the top, left corner of your screen.
  • You will need to click the Add Term button in the righthand panel.
  • 您将能够通过单击汉堡包图标并选择add to term在左侧面板中选择您的课程.
  • When you finish choosing courses click View/Edit Schedule button which is under the courses you just selected.
  • 注册过程的最后一步是通过单击每个课程汉堡包图标来选择课程部分.
  • To complete registration, click the Register button.

在校园内停车是免费的,但你需要注册你的车辆,并从校园安全处领取停车贴. 您需要您的学生用户名和密码才能访问注册表. Register your vehicle here

FERPA…a weird but important acronym. FERPA代表家庭教育权利和隐私法案. It’s a law designed to protect your student records. 在你年满18岁之前,你的父母或法定监护人可能有权查看你的教育记录. Once you turned 18, these rights were transferred to you. 十大电子游艺可以与你指定的任何人(父母)讨论你的部分或全部大学记录, guardian, caseworker, etc.) only if you sign and return this Authorization to Release Student Information.

US Department of Education FERPA website

十大电子游艺’s Directory Information policy

学生可以在位于艺术与技术中心大厅的校园安全服务台获得学生证. Having a hard time connecting with a Campus Safety officer? 打电话或发短信给校园安全手机(603)545-4392,安排一个时间去看望他们.

十大电子游艺有一个健身中心,位于特纳大楼二楼218室. The fitness center has cardio machines and free weights. 健身中心在校园办公时间内开放使用. 为了进入健身中心,学生需要填写一份豁免表格.  

Paying for 十大电子游艺

上大学可能很贵,经济援助表格可能会让人困惑,但十大电子游艺在这里提供帮助! Financial Aid and Billing staff are available to you!

学费和杂费是根据你注册的数量或学分收取的, so your bill may change if you change your course schedule. 您可以使用您的EasyLogin用户名和密码登录SIS查看您的账单 MY十大电子游艺,clicking on the Student tab, and then Student Account.

Financial aid is available! You can find the steps to apply for financial aid in your Navigate To-Do’s, or on the Financial Aid webpage. 

  1. Log into the Student Information System (SIS) Account

  2. Select the FINANCIAL AID tab:


  1. Review each Tab at the top of the screen:

Select EACH TAB (General Information, Award Overview, Resources/Additional Information, Terms and Conditions, Accept Award Offer) to review/answer.

  1. Accept Award Offer:

  2. ACCEPT or DECLINE loans

  3. 如果接受贷款,你可以接受全部或部分提供的金额. 注意:您接受的金额将自动在所有学期之间平均分配.

  4. If you need different amounts for each semester, 你需要向财务援助代表申请更改.

Complete Loan Entrance Counseling and Master Promissory Note at http://studentaid.gov/

学费和住宿费须在开课前14天支付. To set up a payment plan or pay your bill, 登录SIS,点击“学生帐户”,然后点击“查看和支付帐户”。.  In the drop down, 再次点击“查看和支付账户”,这将带你到网站,在那里你可以支付账单或设置付款计划.